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This chest-worn protective escape device provides oxygen on demand wherever toxic gases, particles or oxygen deficiency can be imminently present. Ready-to-use, it's small in size and low in weight, making it easy to don, use and carry. Features a double heat-exchanger system to reduce inhalation air temperature to a comfortable level.

The TR device allows quick and economic training of donning and use by simulating the weight and properties of real units

  • Fast-escape, 30-minute respiratory device
  • Breath controlled
  • Small size, low weight for easy donning, use and carrying
  • Features automatic starter, indicator and stainless steel canister
  • Low maintenance

Markets: Utilities, Industrial, Mining, Contractor, Oil & Gas
Applications: Search & Rescue, Tactical/SWAT Teams, Firefighting, Confined Space

"SavOx, class 30S"

  • EN 13794 class 30S
  • CA 16.817
  • NSW Coal Mines Approval