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MSA offers several web straps and slings for use in a variety of applications.

Part Number


Length: 914.000 MM (35.984 IN)
Width: 82.000 MM (3.228 IN)
Height: 36.000 MM (1.417 IN)
Weight: 0.236 KG (0.520 LB)
Color: RED

Anchorage connector strap, polyester, 1.5 m

Length: 1,510.000 MM (59.449 IN)
Width: 90.000 MM (3.543 IN)
Height: 10.000 MM (0.394 IN)
Weight: 0.710 KG (1.565 LB)


Length: 1,525.000 MM (60.039 IN)
Width: 87.000 MM (3.425 IN)
Height: 24.000 MM (0.945 IN)
Weight: 0.580 KG (1.279 LB)
  • Anchorage Chocker Sling provides a durable point for lanyards or lifelines
  • Suretyman Anchorage Sling is sewn into an endless loop that can be hitched to an anchorage point using various configurations
  • Thermatek Anchorage Connector Strap is heat and burn resistant and couples a single personal fall arrest system to an anchorage
  • Anchorage Connector Strap provides a temporary means of connecting to an anchor point
  • Boom Belt is used to prevent catapult accidents
  • Double D-ring Anchorage Connector Strap is used as a removable anchor strap for connection to an anchorage point
  • PointGuard Concrete Anchorage Connector Strap couples a single personal fall arrest system to an anchorage
  • PointGuard Residential Anchorage Connector Strap provides a secure point of attachment for residential construction applications
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Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, General Industry, Mining
Applications: Working at Heights

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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