Safeguard the Environment with
MSA’s V-Gard® GREEN Hardhat

MSA Safety has developed the World’s First Hard Hat made from renewable resources.

The V-Gard GREEN helmets are made with renewable green high-density polyethylene (GHDPE), while the traditional helmets are made through standard HDPE production methods.

For every regular hardhat you switch to V-Gard GREEN, you help remove 2lbs of C02 from the atmosphere!

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V-Gard® GREEN protects more than just your head!

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Designed to Stay out of Landfills

All V-Gard helmets are made of High Density Polyethlyene (HDPE) and carry a “Number 2 Plastic” recycling symbol. HDPE carries low risk of leaching and is readily recyclable into many other goods, including detergent bottles, pens, recycling containers, and drainage pipes, to name a few.

100% Renewable Raw Material
Helmet shell made from polyethylene derived from renewable sugarcane.

Combat Global Warming
Sugarcane captures and sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global warming.

100% Recyclable Product

Quality Assured
The V-Gard GREEN helmet meets the same MSA standards as the V-Gard model produced with polyethylene from fossil fuel.


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Green Facts

  • GHDPE is a renewable resource because sugarcane growth exceeds the rate of harvest. By contrast, fossil fuels (i.e., petrochemicals), and the polymers derived from them, will eventually deplete.
  • V-Gard GREEN helmets are third-party SEI certified as Type I, Class E under ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 and CSA Z94.1-2005.
  • GHDPE can be produced from several types of plants, including corn, sugar beets or sugarcane. The GHDPE used to make the V-Gard GREEN is produced from sugarcane. Sugarcane is a fast-growing plant that grows in tropical climates.
  • Sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis (process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy), helping reduce the level of greenhouse gases.
  • V-Gard GREEN helmets are produced from green high-density polyethylene (GHDPE), a biopolymer made from sugarcane-based ethanol.

Award-Winning Innovation

Frost & Sullivan (F&S), a 50-year old global research organization consisting of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies, presented MSA with the “2013 Global New Product Innovation Leadership Award in Head Protection.” F&S’ independent analysis of the Head Protection Market indicated that MSA addressed the sustainability needs through its V-Gard® GREEN hard hat, helping reduce human interference on environmental balance. F&S indicated that with this highly commendable product innovation, MSA pioneered the concept of sustainable nature-inspired product development into the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry.

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  • For every ton of GHDPE produced, 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide are captured from the environment. Conversely, one ton of polyethylene sourced from petrochemicals actually emits more than two pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere1.
  • The production of 200,000 tons of GHDPE represents an annual reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere of some 920,000 tons. This is equivalent to the CO2 emitted annually by the energy consumption of 226,000 families2.

1 Ecoefficiency Study, Fundação Espaço Eco, 2007).
2 Brazilian Government – Ministry of Science and Technology – National Climate Change Program, on the CO2 emissions produced by generating the electricity consumed by a Brazilian home in 12 months.

Why choose MSA safety helmets?

At MSA we disregard the notion that hard hats serve one purpose. Physical safety is paramount, but there are many associated benefits of great head protection: happy, more confident workers, a more productive workforce and a more efficient business.

That’s why we developed the V-Gard range of safety helmets, recognised and revered the world over for:

  • A comprehensive line of safety helmets for multiple applications across climbing, mining, electrical, construction, industrial, oil & gas and utilities
  • Comfort, quality and durability
  • Modern, dynamic designs
  • Customisation through MSA LOGO Express®
  • Tested to the very latest EN standards
  • A wide range of tested and approved accessories

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