Confined Space Entry & Operation

Course Overview

This confined space entry and operations course is designed to aid the student in better understanding what a confined space is and how to properly identify and work in such spaces. This course studies applicable regulations, typical confined space hazards, control measures and proper equipment selection, inspection and use. This class includes both classroom and practical, hands-on exercises – including basic rescue techniques.

Topics Discussed

  • Definitions and dangers of confined spaces
  • Introduction of applicable regulatory standards
  • Identification of confined spaces and the atmospheric dangers and risks
  • Requirements for permit-required confined spaces
  • Use of job safety controls for entry into potentially unsafe spaces
    • Respiratory
    • Gas monitoring
    • Ventilation
    • SCBA
    • PPE
  • Post entry procedures
  • Rescue planning and basic rescue techniques
  • Hands-on exercises with confined space and rescue equipment