Competent Person for Fall Protection (U.S. Military)

Course Overview

This course is designed for facility and site supervisors who must also serve as the competent person required by EM385-1-1 Army Corp of Engineers requirements. The training focuses on fall prevention and protection, roles of the worker, constructing a fall protection system, pre-use and competent person inspection, recognizing, evaluating and controlling risks and hazards. This course meets all the USACE requirements outlined in the EM 385.1 manual.

The course will consist of 16 hours classroom and 8 hours of hands-on practical exercises.

Topics Discussed

  • USACE Fall Protection Requirements / Best Practice Fall Protection Consensus Standards (ANSI Z359 & A10.32)
  • Dynamics of a Fall
  • Fall Hazard Recognition and Assessment
  • Understanding Impact Forces & Associated Hazards
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Selection, Application, and Use of Fall Protection Systems – Restraint, Positioning, & Fall Arrest
  • Equipment Donning and doffing
  • Proper anchorage Identification, Use and Limitations
  • Selecting Appropriate Bodywear
  • Selecting Appropriate Connecting Devices – Lanyards, Self-Retracting Devices, Rope / Cable Grab Devices
  • Application limitations When Utilizing Each Component of a Personal Fall Protection System
  • Calculating Fall Clearances
  • Minimizing Fall Forces
  • Formal documentation requirements
  • Maintenance of PFPE
  • Risk Assessment of Fall Hazards / Situational Deficiencies & Fixes
  • Fall Protection Planning with Proper Rescue Procedures
  • Hierarchy of Rescue
  • Selection of Rescue Equipment
  • Issues and Considerations
  • Fall Protection Program Development / Maintenance